About Michaela Rochelle

I am his darling submissive.

It began innocently enough, two childhood friends coming back into each other’s lives. I never realized I was a submissive. Not until, the first time I was spanked. After that, I was gone. My pussy dripped, and I finally relaxed. I realized I was home. In the arms of my darling Sir. I’m a strong woman. I won’t submit to just anyone. But to him, I am lost. Then found. I’m home. In his loving arms, I am home.

He spanked me. The sting, oh the sting of it. I was lost. Then found. I was beautiful, and dirty. He brought me to life after being dead for so fucking so long.

Others had tried to revive me. They did, but had no interest in loving me. They left me. Not my Darling. He promised forever, and I accepted. With a strap across my ass.

My name is Michaela Rochelle and I am his Darling Submissive.